Who We Are

Who We Are
We are dedicated to take you beyond surviving...into thriving.

SteinerLabs is a health-focused startup committed to helping people thrive through the power of technology, nature, and micronutrition. We are the exclusive distributor of PhytoQuant products in the United States.

Founded by Eric Steiner, MD in 2019, we are driven by our desire to empower people to achieve their best health by providing education and support to professionals, together with top of the line supplements and an innovative micro nutritional approach.

By equipping our practitioners with extensive training, support and exceptional pure products, we help to facilitate improved health outcomes for our practitioner’s patients and clients.. Together, we create a health-based community of practitioners centered on building longer, happier and more vibrant health for everyone.

Who We Are

A Commitment to Quality

We carefully extract the best of nature’s energy, in its purest form and deliver it in a high efficiency, high potency form.

We are obsessed with quality, which is why we have selected exceptional products from an Italian family-owned manufacturer. These products support a proven increase in wellbeing by recalibrating micronutrient deficiencies, restoring digestive health, and balancing the intestinal microbiome.

PhytoQuant’s products distinguish themselves by their superior quality of fabrication.

In this commitment for ultimate quality, PhytoQuant is not only vigilant about the scientific quality of the product, but also looks closely at the energy they put into all their products. This starts with our activated water harnessing Quantum Physics technology.

The end result of this process: supplements which contain pure, natural, still-active, unaltered and undamaged plant extracts with extremely high doses of active substances for high potency and maximum efficiency.

Learn about our farm factory in Italy & our unique extraction process [watch video]

A Commitment to Quality
A Commitment to Quality

Why PhytoQuant

Why PhytoQuant
PhytoQuant wishes to bring quality to an environment where food supplements are a trend.

With 30+ years experience in food supplements, Nicola Frassanito knows what he is talking about. He founded PhytoQuant in 2004. His main priority was to ensure that he was producing supplements of the highest quality.

Phyto stands for plant-based-therapy and Quant for Quantum (energy). Nicola would tell you that it is not a question of quantum physics, but quantum energy. He is convinced that since the dawn of time, the oldest quantum energy was, and will remain, Love.

Potency and efficacy are of critical importance at PhytoQuant. Rather than approaching a mass market, Nicola felt it was important to make the supplements available through practitioners in order for the consumer to gain the benefit of professional support in overall health.

Nicola found the perfect herbalist, near Parma, Italy to develop the products he envisioned. PhytoQuant products are made from plants and herbs that are mostly grown within 18 miles of the facility. They are grown with no pesticides, utilizing biodynamic principles and irrigated with spring water.

PhytoQuant utilizes proprietary extraction methods unique to the market, developed over a 40 year timeframe. The plants are placed in tanks to macerate with only activated

Grander® water. Bio-acoustically sensitive Ultrasound is utilized to ensure maximum extraction to obtain the true essence of every plant and maintain the natural energy originally present in the plants. This process ensures high potency.

Many of the PhytoQuant products have a combination of complementary ingredients that work as a synergistic blend for maximum efficacy. These PhytoQuant products are specially formulated by world experts. Great care and intention go into producing each and every product.

“When we put intention in an action we multiply its power.”
- Bruce Lipton, American Biologist

PhytoQuant’s intention is to make the best quality supplements available on the market, infusing that intention in every step of their processes from the growing of the plants to the delivery of the finished product.

It may take time to fully understand the importance of maintaining the energy contained within each plant and what that truly means. Science is only just beginning to shed light on why this energy makes a difference in how our bodies can assimilate the supplements.

PhytoQuant products reflect the values of SteinerLab.  We fully stand behind PhytoQuant products as the best we’ve seen on the market, produced by people who truly care. We’re confident you will find the products as remarkable as we do.

Why PhytoQuant

Our Scientific Mission

Our Scientific Mission
A healthy digestive system and balanced micronutrients build healthy cells, which build healthy organs, which build healthy individuals.

The study of nutrition is evolving and so too are our expectations.  Ideal health is no longer to be merely free from ill health: we now aspire to increase our Healthspan. Lifespan is increasing the numbers of life, Healthspan, which we focus on,  is the quality of our life during the years we have as healthy functioning individuals.So we can enjoy life to the fullest. As research advances, it has become increasingly evident that micronutrition is a vital key to achieving a balanced and durable state of health. It reflects the biochemical effects of our diet on our cells.

The effects of our diets on physical health, mental wellbeing, chronic and inflammatory issues, auto-immune and gut-related disorders have been well documented and closely studied. This knowledge allows us to influence our health by fine-tuning our micronutrient intake to the environmental, molecular and genetic needs of our cells.

Our capacity to absorb and metabolize micronutrients is dependent on our intestinal flora; the ecosystem of microorganisms in our digestive tract. Our gut microbiome is essential to our health. We have in our body more bacterial cells than human cells. We live in a fragile and continual state of equilibrium with these microscopic multitudes, in what is ideally a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, relationship.

Also, our bacterial ecosystem can trigger biochemical changes in our DNA and modulate which of our genes are expressed and which are silenced, either in a beneficial or a harmful manner. This is epigenetics, or environment-induced gene-expression-regulation.

This is why the digestive tract is an obvious pathway for promoting Healthspan. Not only is it the home of the digestive process and where we absorb the micronutrients that dictate our cell functions, it also accommodates our intestinal microbiome and houses a large portion of our immune system. This conjunction of vital functions makes the digestive track an essential part of restoring digestive health.

Our Scientific Mission

From Eric Steiner, SteinerLab Founder & CEO

From Eric Steiner, SteinerLab Founder & CEO
Medicine is now at the cell level and the body is a total environment that needs to be looked at as a whole system as well.

When I was 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. By the time I went to medical school, I had forgotten my childhood dream and thought that going to medical school would buy me 8-10 years to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up.

Medical school focused on diseases and organs. Everything in “isolation”. I loved the technical aspects and new technology, spending lots of my own time figuring out if there was a way to link various medical devices together to work in a more effective way. What I sensed through the emerging technology was that doctors were becoming glorified technicians on many levels.

Sensing that Medicine was not a perfect fit and that there was something more, I left my residency and went back to the classroom for my MBA. My father saw my newly minted MBA as the perfect excuse to finally draft me into his business world. He was a self-made man and had achieved a high level of success, mostly in buying and selling. We bought, sold and grew many businesses together over 19 years before I started on my own.

My last venture prior to SteinerLab was in the food business. Although that endeavor did not work out quite as I had dreamed, I still consider it a huge accomplishment. Despite all of the challenges and the eventual closing of the facility, this is what allowed me to realize where I wanted to be: developing a health food technology company, returning back to my initial thoughts of using technology to help people.

The exposure to today’s food technology inspired me to return to school. It was obvious to me that there was a huge disconnect between how our food ultimately arrives at our tables and what was truly healthy for us. I wondered how people could possibly live a balanced and healthy life when I knew there were things that would be missing from their diets.

This is when and why I started SteinerLabs, to bring a holistic approach to our bodies, minds and micronutrients. We do that by focusing on education and providing products that empower people to have greater control over their healthspan.

Any success I have ever achieved is because of a strong team of people supporting my vision. At SteinerLabs, we continue to grow our team to support our practitioners, so that they can support their clients in achieving their optimal health.

From Eric Steiner, SteinerLab Founder & CEO
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