Who We Are

Who We Are

Steiner Labs is a health-focused start up committed to helping people thrive through the power of technology, nature, and micronutrition.

We are driven by our desire to empower people to achieve their best health by providing education and support to professionals, together with top of the line supplements and an innovative micronutritional approach.

By equipping our professionals with scientific knowledge and exceptional natural products, we bring improved well-being to all. Together, we create a health-based community of professionals centered on building better, longer, and happier health for everyone.

We are dedicated to take you beyond surviving...into thriving.

Who We Are

Our Scientific Mission

Our Scientific Mission

The study of nutrition is evolving and so too are our expectations. Our ideal of health is no longer to be merely free from ill health: we now aspire to increase our healthspan. Healthspan is not lifespan. It is not extending our lifetime; it is the years we have as healthy functioning individuals who can enjoy life to the fullest.

As  research advances, it has become increasingly evident that micronutrition is a vital key to achieving a balanced and durable state of health.

The effects of our diets on physical health, mental wellbeing, chronic and inflammatory issues, auto-immune and gut-related disorders have been well documented and closely studied.

Micronutrition is the doorway that has been opened by our deepening knowledge of the inner workings of the cell and the biochemical effects of our diet on our cells. This knowledge allows us to influence our health by fine-tuning our micronutrient intake to the environmental, molecular and genetic needs of our cells.

Furthermore, our capacity to absorb and metabolize these micronutrients is dependent on our intestinal flora; the ecosystem of microorganisms in our digestive tract. Our gut microbiome is essential to our health. We have in our body more bacterial cells than human cells. We live in a fragile and continual state of equilibrium with these microscopic multitudes, in what is ideally a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, relationship.

Moreover, on a complex genetic level, our bacterial ecosystem can trigger biochemical changes in our DNA and modulate which of our genes are expressed and which are silenced, either in a beneficial or a harmful manner. This is epigenetics, or environment-induced gene-expression-regulation.

This is why the digestive tract is an obvious pathway for promoting healthspan. Not only is it the home of the digestive process and where we absorb the micronutrients that dictate our cell functions, it also accommodates our intestinal microbiome and houses a large portion of our immune system. This conjuncture of vital functions makes the digestive track an essential part of restoring digestive health.

A healthy digestive system and balanced miconutrients build healthy cells, which build healthy organs, which build healthy individuals.

Our Scientific Mission

Our Product Quality

Our Product Quality

We are obsessed with quality, which is why we have selected exceptional products from an Italian family-owned manufacturer.

These products support a proven increase in wellbeing by recalibrating micronutrient deficiencies, restoring digestive health, and balancing the intestinal microbiome.

PhytoQuant’s products distinguish themselves by their superior quality of fabrication in several areas.

The raw ingredients PhytoQuant uses are pure, traceable, well documented and comply with rigorous selection criteria.

They are extracted in a unique and careful manner that wholly respects the integrity of the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other active substances as they occur naturally in the plant, thereby preserving their full biochemical benefits and ensuring maximal concentrations of truly “active” substances in the final form.

Close attention is paid to the biologically active state of the water we use, and we preserve our “water activity” to maintain the quality of our products.

The maufacturing process also respects the vital energy of the product and energizes the raw materials to present them in the form that is most compatible with the human body on an energetic level.

PhytoQuant's products formulas are formulated by biological and pharmacological experts, based on scientific research evidence and extensive medical studies.

In this commitment for ultimate quality, PhytoQuant is not only vigilant about the scientific quality of the product, but also looks closely at the energy they put into all their products.

The end result of this process: supplements which contain pure, natural, still-active, unaltered and undamaged plant extracts with extremely high doses of active substances for high potency and maximum efficiency.

Carefully extracting the best of nature’s energy in its purest form and delivering it in a high efficiency, high potency form.

Our Product Quality
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