Allergy Defense

Reducing the effects of allergies may also reduce contracting colds and flu viruses.
QuantaAlkalin, QuantaSmodium+QuantaFlore,


This bundle works together to support the bodies’ defenses against the effects of allergies.


QuantaAlkalin may reduce repeated infections and susceptibility to colds and infections, reduce inflammation, balance acid base and help to correct a lack of energy, persistent fatigue, sleep disturbances, nervousness and irritability.


QuantaSmodium+ may assist with breathing disorders. It may also support overall liver function by promoting hepatocyte development. Desmodium Ascendons contain a high level of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants.


QuantaFlore contains a probiotic blend of four bacteria strains, (5 billion CFU) with prebiotics, inulin, and coriander to ease bloating and discomfort. This helps to correct intestinal imbalances, restore the microbiome, and promote a healthy immune system.


QuantaOmega3 may reduce inflammation and support immune system function. (Related Article)

Directions and Dosage

QuantaAlkalin: Use the dosing spoon to measure out one level spoonful of powder (5 g of product). Dilute well in half a glass of water. Allow the foam to rest for five minutes to evacuate excess gas, then stir again. Can also be diluted in coconut water, other clear liquids, or nut-based milks. Drink all at once or slowly throughout the day.

QuantaSmodium+: Shake well before use. Before meals, dilute 10 to 30 drops in a small glass of water, two to three times per day. Begin progressively with 5 drops two times per day increasing every two days by 5 drops up to a maximum of 30 drops three times per day.

QuantaFlore: Take two capsules per day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning at least 15 minutes before a meal.

QuantaOmega3: Take two to three capsules per day with a meal, preferably in the evening. This dosage can be adapted to the individual’s medical situation.


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