Upper Gastro Discomfort

May prevent and relieve upper gastrointestinal pain and discomfort.
QuantaDigest, QuantaRelax, QuantaZym


These three powerhouse supplements work together to help reduce bloating, cool heartburn, and promote digestion. May act to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

QuantaDigest help facilitate tissue repair within the intestinal tract, alleviate bloating, reduce heartburn, and promote digestive comfort.

QuantaRelax contributes to optimal relaxation, improves the quality of sleep, regulates heart rate, and reduces nervousness and anxiety. Promotes digestion.

QuantaZym relieve inflammation (chronic and acute), accelerate healing and reduce edema. May relieve functional gastro- intestinal disorders.


Directions and Dosage

QuantaDigest: Three to six chewable caps per day, one or two before each meal. Gently chew caps slowly for about fifteen minutes.

QuantaZym: Two capsules per day: one before breakfast, one before dinner.

QuantaRelax: Two capsules per day: one at dinner and one before bedtime.



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